Decidedly With Love…

I’ve got a little tease for you today from Decidedly With Love…

“I thought if I had a fake girlfriend, I could spare my sweet grandmother from wishing for something that will never happen.”

Emma shrugged. “So what does that have to do with me?”

“I thought you could be my fake girlfriend.”

The corners of her mouth twitched as she fought back a smile.

“Does that mean you’ll do it?” I asked.

“No, it just means you’re insane. I’m not interested in being someone’s fake girlfriend.” She pushed past me and walked to the counter.

And being the desperate idiot that I was, I joined her at the end of the line. “Is there any particular reason why not?” I asked.

“Because unlike you, I don’t have commitment issues.”

“You don’t even know me. What makes you think I have commitment issues? And what does that have to do with anything?”

She laughed what had to be the sexiest sound I’d heard in a while. My cock twitched in agreement.

“I know your type,” she said, facing forward.

I felt my mouth shift into a smirk. “And what type is that?”

“You’re a good-looking guy who doesn’t care whose heart you break. I bet you’ve hooked up with girls who would be amazing girlfriends, but you’re too chicken to commit. And I bet you’ve broken some hearts because of that.”

What was I supposed to say to that?

Other than, “I’ll pay you.”

She didn’t bother to turn around. “Trust me, there’s nothing you can give me that will change my mind.”

“Really, nothing?”

© 2017 Stina Lindenblatt

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