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Tell-Me-When-blog-hop-badgeWhat do Jodi Foster, David Letterman, Selena Gomez, and Steven Spielberg have in common? They’ve all been victims of stalking. But celebrities aren’t the only ones whose lives are put at risk because someone becomes obsessed with them. You, me, the girl down the street, we can all become targets.

In light of my upcoming release, I’ve decided to do a blog hop for the week of January 13th (Monday Jan 13th to Friday Jan 17th), which will focus on the issue of stalking. TELL ME WHEN is about a college freshman who struggles with the aftermath of being stalked and kidnapped during her senior year of high school.

What can you do to participate?

It can be anything that recognizes the devastating effects that stalking can have on the victim, family, and friends, or recognizes the issue of stalking in general. It can be a poem. An inspiring quote of survival. A picture. A personal story or a story you’ve seen on the news. It can honor a victim (or loved one) who lost his or her life to a stalker. Or it can share ways to keep us and our loved ones safe. The only thing I ask is that the posts are less than 500 words and nothing graphic, please.

One of the most common forms of stalking involves females in an abusive relationship. It doesn’t matter if she is estranged from the abuser or still involved in the relationship, the male will stalk her and the consequence can be deadly. It is for this reason that I’ll be donating $1.00 to the women’s emergency shelter in my city on behalf of each blog that participates. Each participating blog will also be entered in a random giveaway for a $20 Amazon gift card.

Virtual hugs and chocolate to those who help spread the word about the blog hop. XOX


16 thoughts on “Tell Me When Blog Hop Information

  1. S.P.Bowers

    I love that you have a theme other than ‘buy my book’ I also love that it’s a theme that can help people. I really don’t know much about stalking. Maybe that could be my angle, that ignorance only allows the destructive behavior to continue. Hmmm, let me ponder it a bit and I’ll see if I can join.

  2. Janet Johnson

    What a great idea! I have to think about what I could write about before joining. I have been fortunate and this count, but I still think it’s an awesome idea. Love this type of pre-book stuff. 🙂

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