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Sadly, summer has almost come to an end.

It’s been a fun few months. My fifteen-year-old daughter and I spent two weeks in London (England, not Ontario) and Edinburgh this month. While there, we visited several castles and palaces, walked through the underground vaults of Edinburgh, went on two ghost tours, and enjoyed two Harry Potter tours. One was based on the movie sets in London (no, this wasn’t Warner Bros Studio). The other (in Edinburgh) was about J.K Rowling and the inspirations behind the series. My daughter and I especially loved that tour.

But now that my kids are returning to school next week, it’s back to work for me. Fortunately, I love my job of bringing my heroes’ and heroines’ stories to life. I’m currently working on my February 2020 release. While You Were Spying is the first book in my new spy romantic comedy series, Love Undercover. It's a spin-off from the By the Bay series. I should have a blurb for you soon.

I’ve also got some other projects in the works. I can’t wait to tell you more shortly!

In the meantime, happy reading!